Spyware, malware, and toolbars are used by companies to track your browsing habits and send information back. This leads to further targeted advertisements, more popups, and chewing up your bandwidth without you knowing. Viruses can allow back-door access into your computer and files, allow the theft of personal and banking information, identity fraud, and in cases, hackers can lock you out of your own system until you pay a ransom release fee.

Virus & Malware Services:

For optimal performance, your computer should have maintenance at least twice a year.

We will remove any spyware, virus, malware or any unnecessary programs from your computer.
We will check your operating systems security.
We will update your virus protection software database.
We will recommend virus protection software, if no protection is installed.
We will answer any questions.
Viruses and spyware can slow your computer down to a halt.
Simply drop off your device for a Free assessment.