Technology is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet and we offer the most comprehensive recycling programs. We collect more than 100 pounds of product for recycling every year, no matter from which retailer the products were purchased. We work with recyclers that adhere to the highest guidelines and standards.

What we Recycle:

Personal computers (including keyboard, mouse and wiring)
Mini computers and components
Mainframe computers and components
Printers, scanners, drives and modems
Telephones (mobile/cellular and "hardwire")
Electronic medical equipment (diagnostic & monitoring)
Radio and stereo equipment
Electronic cash registers
Electronic games and video games consoles
Digital cameras
Automobile computer modules

Free local Pick-Up:

We offer Free of charge Computer Recycling and Free Pick-up if you have 10 Computers or more for disposal. If there are more than 20 computers we charge $50 flat rate fee within the GTA area. Our process is the same regardless of the type of equipment. We ensure that equipment is transported safely, tested, recycled, or resold in a professional manner.

Data stored on Devices:

You do not have to worry about the removal of any data on recycled hard drives or mobile devices. We overwrite every working hard drive and reset every moble device so that data is virtually impossible to recover. If a hard drive is inoperable, or the overwrite/reset procedure cannot be verified, we physically destroy the hard drive or mobile device  to ensure data is secure.

Recycling made Easy:

We consider computer recycling, as helping the GTA with its electronic waste problem. Most of our clients have similar problems that almost always fall into the category of having obsolete computer related equipment, sometimes mountains of it, usually in warehouses across the country and sometimes in offices, closets and desk drawers. We work towards solving e-waste problems by developing computer recycling programs to fit the requirements of each one of our valued clients
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