Unwanted programs, malicious software, viruses and dust can all lead to slowing down your computers speed. They can also create very long boot up times into your operating system, or you can be experiencing a barrage of unwanted popups while you’re trying to get work done.
System Clean Services:

For optimal performance, your computer should have maintenance at least twice a year.

We will remove any spyware, virus, malware or any unnecessary programs from your computer.
We will update your operating systems updates, update any old hardware drivers.
We will tweak your operating system for better performance.
We will test your systems registry for errors.
We will get rid of unnecessary background processes
We will remove unwanted toolbars.
We will test your hard drive for any bad sectors.
We will clean out any dust that has accumulated over time.
We will inspect internal parts (desktops only).
We will perform a disk clean up.
We will optimize your memory settings.
We will optimize your internet settings.
We will check your operating systems security.
We will recommend any upgrades if needed or necessary.
We will answer any questions.
Minimize system failure while improving the speed and reliability of your computer.
Simply drop off your device for a Free assessment.