Now you can have your minor computer issues fixed from the comfort of your home or office. Whether its a slow computer, a virus or if you just have some questions about your computer system, were here to help you!


Cheaper than on-site repair service.
You'll save time since you wont have to travel to our shop.
You wont even have to wait for a technician to show up to your home or office.
At your convenience with the ability to see whats being done.

Remote Services - the way Computer Support will be conducted in future.
It is the most cost-effective and most productive way to provide Computer Services.

Wed be glad to help you adopt this exciting new way of conducting business.
All remote connections to your computer are safe and secure. Each session is password protected and encrypted to protect your privacy and will change the next time you start a new session. You still maintain in complete control of your computer and can cancel the remote connection at any time.